Memry is a fine art / lifestyle photographer and Mother to a beautiful boy. She transitions her time between the snow clad slopes of Colorado and the stormy seas of Alaska, where she grew up commercial fishing with her family. She transplanted to Summit County, Colorado via Seattle, WA in 1996, where she grew up competitive ski-racing. Memry is also an avid international traveler and has visited over 40 countries, which has aided exponentially in shaping her unique vision behind the lens. Memry has an immense appreciation for film photography as well as fashion, and as in love with the angles, lines, colors, textures, shapes and patterns found in everyday life. She seeks beauty in whatever environment she inhabits and “Elegance with an Edge” describes her style. Ultimately, her passion for photography is fueled by a deep desire to convey and portray the spontaneous simplicity which defines our everyday existence.



"Photography to me is more than an action, it’s the act of capturing expression! Of preserving the candid and seemingly meaningless moments that have a funny way of becoming forever engrained in our brains. ( A sideways smile walking down the aisle, a single tear, a broken bottle of beer, the cake that looked better than it tasted, your granny dancing wasted) Those special sort of moments, frozen in time, that have the magical ability to trigger memories of the events and the people that have impacted, and ultimately shaped your life. I’m here to help you feel comfortable and confident, in you own skin, in your own setting, and help you use your own expressions and emotions to help write your own unique history, because it's not just photography, its your story, and I hope to help you tell it, by photographing your memories!"

XO, Memry